Repair a damaged skewer-mount hole.

by alibopo | August 2, 2013 | (7) Posted in Tips

Repair a damaged skewer-mount hole.

Maybe it's just me but on my planes these little holes seem to get very loose after a bit - if not completely destroyed! Sometimes holes can be shifted but other times they’re pretty-much where they need to be, e.g. wing elastics.  

 I doubt this is an original idea, but this is how I fix those wobbly holes.  

Get hold of some kitchen foil, a skewer and your trusty hot-glue gun.

 Tear off a little strip of kitchen foil.  

Wrap the foil tightly around the skewer - choose a skewer that’s the same diameter as the one in use, or even a tiny bit smaller.

Not too many wraps or you’ll end up with a larger hole than the one you want.  

Carefully push the skewer through the offending hole making sure the foil is not mangled or wrinkled.  

Make sure the skewer is lined up with where the hole should be. Apologies for fuzzy pictures - but you get the idea.

Apply hot glue into the space around the hole on both sides – and keep that skewer properly aligned until the glue sets.

Pull the skewer out – leaving the foil behind.  


Cut away the foil and any excess glue that offends you – I reckon a little extra glue helps to strengthen the hole.  

Give the hole a little poke to remove any foil that wants to come out and you should now have a neat circular hole  - the right size, and in the right place, and it’s probably stronger than the original.

Cheers, Alibopo.



LordVader on August 9, 2013
I like it. I like the gift card/popsicle stick idea too. Always great info/ how-to's on here from members and Flitetest.
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ftwingnut on August 7, 2013
Neat idea! I'll have to try this tonight, since I have one with larger than desired holes.
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jhitesma on August 7, 2013
I've started reinforcing most of mine with either gift cards or Popsicle sticks. Will give this a try next time though!
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RotateB4TheEnd on August 8, 2013
simple solution to a common problem!
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Christopher14 on December 12, 2013
Cool idea, I have had problems with large holes. But no more!
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jordy123 on December 9, 2015
I have puzzled over this for 2 years, and this WORKS. A load off me for sure. Thanks a bunch!
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alibopo on December 11, 2015
Hi, thanks for the comment. It was one of those little inspired moments, and yes it does work. :) Cheers.
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Repair a damaged skewer-mount hole.