Part 3 - How to Design DTFB Planes

by nerdnic | September 28, 2014 | (14) Posted in How To

DH-88 development stops and we continue on with a Clipped wing Spitfire. This video covers wing design – we explore wing tip under camber, airfoil, spars and more.

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     How to select the best reference image and how to establish the proper scale of your plane.

     Using the line tool, layers, and starting on designing your fuselage, horizontal, and vertical stabilizer.

 Designing your wing.

     Fuselage, formers, and control surfaces.

     Joining tail feathers, poster board, and misc details.

     Getting your plans print ready.

     Beta 1 build tips - coming soon



LetsFlyRC on October 1, 2014
Again, awesome, informative video. I am using Corel Draw to design my planes, but you are giving some great tips, that are helping me a lot. Thanks for putting the time into making these videos.
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nerdnic on October 2, 2014
Glad to help out! Make sure to post about your plane once you're done, I'd love to see it.
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Shark_II on October 3, 2014
The music background is ridiculous and WAY too intrusive and loud. Please, just the info, no entertainment.
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nerdnic on October 3, 2014
Hi there. Thanks for your feedback. I unfortunately don't have the original files anymore for these videos (each is around 17gb raw) so I can't go back and adjust but I will take this into consideration for future videos. I won't be removing the music completely but I will bring the level down a bit. I hope you're still able to get the info you need from my content in the meantime.
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Thorsclaw on September 28, 2014
love this series starting an ANT-25
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nerdnic on September 29, 2014
Awesome! I'd love to see once you're done. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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Flynn on February 23, 2015
Love the video's Nic, thanks for the great detail. I have a question. When the wings a laid out, do you take into consideration that the top of the wing leading edge section and trailing edge section are at an angle? The blueprints/picture is in 2 dimensions so you can't really see the spar height. I was wondering if you have a formula for that or just go with it. Forgive me if you cover this in a different episode.
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nerdnic on March 4, 2015

I don't really go into this but it's just a go with it type of thing. I don't know of a good way to calculate the differences between the flat image and the 3-D image. With the FT style wing there is a distinct design that just works, with that in mind, I do use the same size spar on almost all my planes. Unless the full-size plane has a very dramatic difference in wing or ype or airfoil. So I'm more stick with what I know works.
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Bruno Eye on February 21, 2017
Could you do a video on explaining how different parameters of the wing will affect flight attributes? Towards the end you mention a bit, but I would love to read/watch an article on it because I'm designing a non replica plane inspired by these three aircraft: Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52, the Northrop XP-79 and the Horten 229. But I'm not sure exactly how to give it good flight characteristics.

Thanks in advance,

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Part 3 - How to Design DTFB Planes