Part 4 - How to Design DTFB Planes

by nerdnic | September 30, 2014 | (6) Posted in How To

Continue your design and learn how to finish off your fuselage, create poster board formers, and discover the importance of control surface sizes.

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     How to select the best reference image and how to establish the proper scale of your plane.

     Using the line tool, layers, and starting on designing your fuselage, horizontal, and vertical stabilizer.

     Designing your wing.

 Fuselage, formers, and control surfaces.

     Joining tail feathers, poster board, and misc details.

     Getting your plans print ready.

     Beta 1 build tips - coming soon



Thorsclaw on September 30, 2014
Keep em' coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nic excellent job
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nerdnic on September 30, 2014
Part 5 is uploading to YouTube right now :-)
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Part 4 - How to Design DTFB Planes