Sweeping Forward. FT style SR-10

by John Primus | December 17, 2019 | (6) Posted in Projects

Hello everyone!  After building many of the FT designs I decided to take a shot at some of my own and I thought this one would be worth making an article about! I started flying pusher props after building the Alpha jet and the Vector which were so great to fly! The elevon controls made it so easy and comfortable so I decided to take a crack at my own pusher jet. This is the first prototype. It flew ok but after a couple bad crashes it was time to upgrade. I traced out the old jet and enlarged the wings, the elevon control surfaces and widened the body a little bit adding a bbq skewer for a inner spar a scoring out a piece of foam to add for extra support. Works great! I created an airfoil using the same technique as most other wings in the flite test catalog and formed the body with a little inspiration of Matjey’s yak 130 mj ( which is awesome! Huge shout out! Thank you! Go check it out) the nose section and fuselage are basically off the alpha. Just longer towards motor mount with a custom belly pan. It has a 26”wingspan and overall length of twenty nine inches. I scaled it down using grid paper from full size so I will try to make plans for download in the near future.canopy is a quick alteration of the alpha and is attached with Velcro on the front back and both sides which works very well!It is powered off the F pack but I had to use a 20 amp predator esc because that’s all I had and a 3s 800mh battery. (also because that’s all I have) The prop is a 6x4 APC pusher. Seems to do the job. Like I mentioned earlier it’s an elevon system which I used 2 9 gram servos, but will probably change to ailerons and elevator in the future.while waiting for the weather to cooperate I gave it a little flare. Didn’t go crazy with it cause I wasn’t sure if it would fly Eventually I did get to maiden it and was very happy with the results. Check out the video! Sorry poor camera angle I was flying solo. I hope ya’ll enjoyed my first article and if you are interested in building one for yourself I will do my best to get plans up in the future. Thank you so much to Flite Test and this awesome community. I hope one day to bring a monster version of this to a Flite fest or to Edgewater on a random getaway! Happy flying!!!


John Primus on March 16, 2020
I put this thing to the test the past couple months and it does great! Aerobatics are no problem. Finally crashed it yesterday so I will be making a 3rd version. I’m sorry if you all have been wanting plans, I could use a couple pointers on why program to use. I drew the first set of templates off grid poster board. Any advice will be greatly appreciated :)
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Sweeping Forward. FT style SR-10