The Tiger Drone

by MESA RC | April 17, 2013 | (16) Posted in Projects

EPS 35. This episode features our camera man, 8th grade student, Harrison getting his engineered mind at work.  Harrison a couple months back wanted to create a new FPV concept that resembled that of a P-38 Lighting.  After some work, Harrison and I completed the first prototype of his vision.  The name is still being decided, but as of right now it is called the MF-Tiger Drone.  It has some features and the plane design is still getting dialed in.  If all works well, Harrison will attempt to bring this concept to CAD and for those to download.  Stay tune for more test flights of the Tiger Drone with Harrison behind the controls of his creation.

As always, thank you for watching and supporting the MESArcFF Program.  For more information regarding our program please visit us


Jake Marshall

MESArcFF Director


MESArcFF Productions:

Camera: Harrison

Creator: Harrison

Pilot: Marshall

Editing: Zac and Joey

Director: Marshall


Harrison and Marshall talk about their FPV creation!


Test Flights


Shot taken from the Drone


Looks cool!


cade861 on April 17, 2013
Love what you do with these kids it's an awesome program wish that my school would have had a program like this. keep up the good work
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MESA RC on April 21, 2013
Thank you Cade861, will keep it going for sure, as long as the kids are enthused and want more, I will be keep on flying!
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spencer on April 18, 2013
Great job guys. Love what you do. I think this plane would be a dream with a forward swept wing. Love the paint scheme.
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MESA RC on April 21, 2013
Thank you Spencer, I will relay that design thought to Harrison.
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Tallon1138 on April 21, 2013
Awesome work everyone, I definitely want to build something similar to this.
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johanjonker on July 24, 2013
Learn Mode 1.. then you'll always have to use both sticks!!
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DOWN2FLY on January 15, 2023
can i please get a copy of plans for tiger drone?thank you

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The Tiger Drone