Wolf Spider Part 3

by MESA RC | July 4, 2013 | (13) Posted in Projects

To the FliteTest Community:

HELP! In our last day of school we decided to take out the Wolf Spider for its last flight before the summer and to finally test out our new antennas for our FPV equipment. Everything was going great, the plane was flying level, the FPV gear was working properly, then all of sudden, the motor decided to shut off and make a beeping nose that we have never heard before. We were able to land the aircraft safely and there was no damage done to the plane or the equipment. This is an issue that we have never experienced before and we need your help, have any of you heard something like this and if so, what is your thoughts? Thanks again for all your support!

For more information about the MESA rcFoam Fighters, please visit us at www.mesarcfoamfighters.com 

FPV equipment used: http://www.readymaderc.com/store/inde... 

Antenna Setup: 
Ground Antenna: http://www.readymaderc.com/store/inde... 

Airplane Antenna: http://www.readymaderc.com/store/inde...



Testing the View of the Aircraft!


Getting ready for launch!


A shot of the Plains looking out East


Colby flying through the FPV monitor.


A shot of the Rockies going West, got to love where we live!


Everyone puzzled on what happened?




rcspaceflight on July 4, 2013
My poorly educated guess is that the battery's voltage dropped too low and the ESC cut off the power to the motor and beeped at you as a warning that you almost killed a battery.
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jupakos79 on July 4, 2013
I had the same issue happen to me today also. I ran a few different battery sizes through my plane and I think the last battery i put on was to much for the motor/esc that i have on the plane. Also I kinda rushed my last flight and didn't let it cool enough. I'm thinking with mine was that the motor or esc got to hot and it shut off. I got a few beeps in the air before it shut off then the motor was dead. After i landed the motor was still beeping. Both the motor and esc were fairly hot. You might need to up your motor and or esc. Hope this helps.
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jupakos79 on July 4, 2013
Just watched the video. Had the same sound from my plane. Have to check the esc and motor later.
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jerimiah85 on July 5, 2013
sounds like the ESC reset it's self ( safe mode protect mode) too many amps? thank god your bec was working correctly. play with the prop size or like the above statement batter cutoff due to low battery... good luck love your videos and what your doing for you class
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jgupton on July 6, 2013
Hey Jake,

Couple of questions:

1.) Whats esc/motor/prop were you running? Also, what battery type (cell count - assuming lipo)
2.) Have you made any changes to the equipment (above equipment that is) recently?
3.) Does it/did it work later on?

Hope you're enjoying your summer.

Best Regards,

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Christopher14 on December 11, 2013
Like jerimiah85 said maybe the motor was pulling to many amps for the ESC, maybe try upping the amperage rating on the ESC.
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Wolf Spider Part 3