Air to Air Footage - Viewer Response

by FliteTest | May 15, 2013 | (19 Ratings) Posted in News

Josh and David discuss how they get air to air footage, their favorite flight control boards, upcoming events and more!

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When flying a multirotor like a tricopter, you can achieve some great air to air video.

Whether you choose to get your air to air video with a multirotor or an airplane, the more you practice the better your footage will be! 

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sailorJohn on May 15, 2013
These BS videos are good fun, you should make a compilation of all your failures for us to learn from and make us feel less bad when we screwup. AMA that's interesting.
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jerimiah85 on May 15, 2013
MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY spitfire here I come.. will the plans be released on the 20th along side the plane kit?
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510thousandths on May 16, 2013
Yeah! Monday! Grrrrr....It's so far away still.
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RCbacon on May 16, 2013
When is the FT 3D gonna be released? You said that the FT 3D was gonna be released before the Spitfire. Anyway you guys do a awesome job!
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mipi on May 16, 2013
David, could you write a short article about wiring the FPV gear (with example photos) What things should be avoided, what kind of wires to use, maximum lenthgs between copmponents etc.
Thanks !
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lracnolip on May 16, 2013
Good show, 2 good challenges to look forward to. Not a lot out there for scratch built DLG, should be cool to see what you guys come up with. Still want to see you guys use a HK multiwii board as they only cost $70 with a GPS. Thats the cheapest multi copter set up with a RTL I could find.
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smit6089 on May 16, 2013
Great show! And thank you for the shout out.
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lFritZl on May 16, 2013
oooooooooooh, do I see a tt raptor 550 on the shelf in the background there? ;P Please let there be a video on it. And an awesome show still.
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jhitesma on May 16, 2013
Sounds like I need to pick up a few more sheets of foamboard this weekend :D
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AndyPants on May 22, 2013
David, please elaborate on the low pass filter for the FPV gear, I'm just starting out and I've seen it mentioned a few times, but have not found real documentation about what to use or how to connect it.
Secondly, you say that when you have to speed up the tricopter you inevitably get a downwards camera angle. Have you ever tried to use something like the Super Simple Gimbal that should compensate for that problem...the KK2 1.5 firmware was specifically released with the added code for it. You'd just have to fly the tri in stabilise mode when you're using the gimbal with FPV.
SSG here --->
I'm a huge fan, you guys have thought me so much!
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