Alexandre Desvignes' Latest Tiny Whoov Hovercraft

by FliteTest | October 18, 2018 | (3) Posted in Just Fun

Want to tear up the floor of your office with a Hovercraft? Here's a new version of the Whoov from BAD (Bad Ass Drones).

Alexandre Desvignes is the original creator of the Tiny Whoov. Taking parts from broken micro quads like the Blade Inductrix, he conceived this tiny pocket-sized hovercraft. Since then, we here at Flite Test have worked with him to create our own foam board version. Now, though, Alex is back with a brand new version of the craft that started it all! 

So what's new? Well, quite a lot. First of all, the micro-hovercraft has a sweet new look! 

The updated frame, much like our Flite Test Whoov, uses layers of foam. In the kit, these come pre-printed with an eye-catching black and white contrast color scheme. 

There's also a complete kit (including a tiny 2.5Ghz remote!) on This includes the foam body with a strong EVA frame. There's also a compact 300 mAh lipo and USB charger. If you don't want to cannibalize an old Inductrix, all you need is in this kit for $30.

The controller is specially tuned for Tiny Whoov giving you fine control over the hovercraft. There's direction on the right stick, independent lift control, adjustable lift, brake and reverse control. Imagine the fun you could have with that! 

If you want to see exactly how much fun you can have with one of these little guys, check out this sweet video of all the tricks you can pull off with the new frame!

If you want to take it to the next level, you could also team up with your friends and play a game of Rocket League! This episode from earlier in the year was done with our own FT Whoovs that you can pick up in the FT Store for just $7.99 (without electronics). 

If you've got the buzz to get a new RC vehicle, check out Alex's website here. You can learn more about his projects, products and RC passions on his blog there too. 

Bad Ass Drones website

Bad Ass Drones Tiny Whoov (full kit)

FT Tiny Whoov

Horizon Hobby Inductrix Switch

Images: Alexandre Desvignes/Bad Ass Drones

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Alexandre Desvignes' Latest Tiny Whoov Hovercraft