EDF Afterburner

by FliteTest | March 18, 2013 | (41) Posted in Projects

A Vampire Mk6 modified with a real working EDF afterburner! Powered with butane and ignited with parts from a stun gun, David attempts to fly this EPO foam RC airplane with real flames shooting out of the exhaust tube!

Durafly D.H.100 Vampire Mk6 EDF Jet RC airplane is designed with a faux EDF Jet exhaust so David moved some internal parts around and added a butane fueled jet exhaust.

 The fuel is despensed in a circle over the flame holder and creates the afterburner.

A full write will be available soon detailing everything that went into this custom afterburner setup.

This is our first "Don't Try This At Home" episodes, so please be safe and don't try this.

If you are interested in a safe alternative to creating an afterburner look to your RC airplane, check out our LED Afterburners Episode!

The flame did melt some of the foam on this  EPO foam RC airplane and melted the servo a little, but the thrust angle worked great and the butane afterburner added 15% thrust!  

There are more photos in the forum post, be sure to check those out and join in with the discussion there! 
Click Here to check out the forum post.

Check out the extended episode below, detailing more of the work involved in creating an EDF Afterburner on a Vampire Mk6. 

Thanks for watching!

RC Airplane shown in this episode:
Durafly D.H.100 Vampire Mk6 EDF Jet 1100mm (ARF)


Drocket21 on March 18, 2013
love it super cool
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ProjectFlightDesign on March 19, 2013
Dang - thats amazing!
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Cyberdactyl on March 22, 2013
Awesome. I suspect Chad hired David for exactly this type of esoteric stuff.
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timmerflyer on March 18, 2013
I see a T-copter on the future....
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Sonicg on March 19, 2013
Awesome episode!
Specially liked this
"A full write will be available soon detailing everything that went into this custom afterburner setup."
"This is our first "Don't Try This At Home" episodes, so please be safe and don't try this."
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lFritZl on March 20, 2013
Afterburner system + 600 size heli ?? .........uhhmmm
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santiago404 on March 18, 2013
that was pretty cool!
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rchacker on March 18, 2013
Love it, really made me smile this one. Sounds great and it made 15% more thrust.!. Thats probably more than the first full size afterburners. Awesome David.

In theory the afterburner on this EDF setup should be able to produce more thrust as the front end does not use up any oxygen. Taking it a bit further, RAM jets only have a turbine in them to get the air fast enough in order to start them. (eg SR71) An EDF with a small battery is a whole lot simpler and lighter. It might even be able to generate power once the ramjet kicks in.

I love this hobby, so much cool stuff to do and so little time... Sorry I will try this at home, its on my project list. :)

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madaxeslasher on March 18, 2013
Man you guys never cease to amaze me! David is a genius. All you guys are top notch! Keep em' coming!
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Dagger_117 on March 18, 2013
Very cool David...really enjoyed this...also is that a swapable Spitfire in the background??
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leadpipe58 on March 19, 2013
Great work Dave..You may have given to much info..you always have to worry about the nut factor..
Keep up the great work.
From the mind of the mad sweed great things come.
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rogerjiangcf on March 27, 2013
how did your guys made the hot wire?

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Benn Gunn on April 29, 2013
just amazing .... loved it ...
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cloud9photos on March 18, 2013
So cool, don't think my wife would let me try this one though..
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jrbemis on March 19, 2013
Awesome sound!
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x3mperformance on March 19, 2013
Awsome. You Guys are Epic.
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Exhodus on March 19, 2013
David, you are positively mad! A mad genius :D
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gmyers2112 on March 19, 2013
how cool is David. This is starting to rise to the level of mythbusters type stuff.
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casehatter on March 18, 2013
Ya'll ain't right, might be a few bricks shy of a load but that's why I like it man..!!
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MidwestRob on March 18, 2013
Very cool! My new favorite Flitetest episode.
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tramsgar on March 19, 2013
Awesome, David! I had this idea too but scrapped it even before the drawing board, something about foam catching fire... You pulled through though with hard work and flying Swedish colours! Very impressive.
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Fabialbo on March 19, 2013

Dear Josh, Josh and Chad,

can you make a review about´╗┐ the Hitech aurora 9, this would be very cool

Thank you very much


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ITCyoy543 on March 18, 2013
epic is the word
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enivid on March 18, 2013
I can't believe that this actually increases thrust! Great work David!
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Madmarl on March 20, 2013
Way cool, David!! I love it when "The Swede" thinks outside the box!!! Nicely done!!!
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Da99er on March 18, 2013
David, you are an engineering genius. My compliments...

That being said - I applaud you guys for making the video age-restricted on the YouTube; However, the video is not restricted when viewed here on this page. Maybe consider linking to YouTube instead embedding it here?
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Da99er on March 19, 2013
I was thinking... Would it be possible to do some channel mixing so that the afterburner only kicks on above 80% throttle?
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Lorenzo daidone on June 20, 2013
how did you guys come up with something that cool
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RC Jordan Engineer on January 10, 2014

What is the maximum speed reached ?
big thank
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runnerba on February 4, 2014
Certainly one of the best projects flyte test. Congratulations.
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biomecanoid on March 27, 2014
I was wondering is there any kit with the parts needed available somewhere ?
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biomecanoid on March 27, 2014
I have a question will a car exhaust flaming kit will do the same thing ?
I guess it will look good but will it provide thrust too ?

Examples :

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watson on May 2, 2014
Great job! I like that
Thank you.
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F14 pilot on June 27, 2014
What was your all up flying weight?
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MeSoLost on April 5, 2015
Hey, can I steal your EDF Jet idea so my dad and I can take it to the next level? I have an idea for 2 of those and an additional afterburner system. (dad is USAF jet mechanic =p )
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Razor7177 on June 19, 2018
What were the electronics used to control the flyback generator?
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EDF Afterburner