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It has been quite a while since I composed a FliteTest article.  I have slipped away from airplanes with the rise of the multirotor, and quadcopter racing.  My daughter recently told me that she was bored of quadcopters, and wanted me to start building airplanes again.  

Recently, FliteTest came out with their FT-Explorer, and we built that together.  She had a great experience building with me and flying it on the buddy box.  I had her flying in circles by herself, and she was doing great.  

Then came the FT-Arrow, and I was really excited, because I see a great opportunity to get her interested in FPV.

Being a sponsored pilot for UBuyADrone.com, I have a ton of quadcopter parts laying around, and I was also excited to see that most of the equpiment needed for the build of the Arrow, was already sitting on my workbench.  

I have been flying multirotors and racing fpv for the past year, and, after I saw what a great time Skitzo and Freybott had with the Arrow, I just had to have one.  So, I started watching, and waiting patiently (haha) for the plans to show up, and got it built.  It took about 4 hours that evening with all the electronics, and fpv equipment to get it finished.  The next morning, I couldn't wait to maiden it.  This was my second ever fpv flight with an airplane.  

So, the maiden went amazing, and I flew 4 batteries, and was having a great time.  I crashed twice, and didn't do any damage.  I was amazed at how durable it was, that I was able to throw it back up in the air with no repairs.  But, My flying is very aggressive, and this afternoon, after work, on the 5th battery, I got a litte more daring.  It isn't my style to be careful, and if you know me, you know that I break everything.  

I am going to need a little hot glue, I think.  Flying safe isn't my style, and I can see a lot more where this comes from.  

With all the joy this plane has brought to me, I wanted to share the excitement.  

About a year ago, I founded a local multirotor racing group here in Orlando, FL, and named us RotoRacers.  There are so many talented great people in our group that I get to fly with every week.  Flying with friends is so much better than flying solo.

So, this Saturday evening, I posted in our group that I wanted to get together and have a build party to build FT-Arrows, and everyone loved the idea.  We are all multirotor pilots, and are about to get some excitement very soon racing foam airplanes.  Let the fun begin......


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jimmyp39 on January 22, 2016
Great FPV. This one is on my list to build. Looks like fun.
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WVYRD on January 31, 2016
Love that video! Nice editing...
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photohap on January 26, 2016
Awesome flying. The nice thing about flying quads also is having tons of spare parts for these flite test builds.
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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on January 24, 2016
Love it! Thanks for sharing!
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