How time flies into 2020! (Time Airplane)

by Test Fly RC | January 6, 2020 | (2) Posted in Projects

It's finally 2020!  So a few days ago, my brother and I built a Time Flying Clock Airplane!  It flies a little like the FT Nutball (video below)

My brother gave me ideas of how to cut the foam board out.

I beveled the elevons, using a razor blade.

I gouged out some foam, so the servos could go into the foam a little bit, then I glued in the servos close to the elevons.

I cut out a spot for the rudder servo in the v-stab, then I glued in the servo.

For this airplane, I used a Flite Test Radial 2218 1180kv brushless motor

You can see in this picture, those two servos close to the back, where the receiver is, the clock base and where the ESC is.

I eventually made this airplane 2 foam boards thick, so this airplane is sturdy. 

Here's the video of me Flying this Clock Airplane into 2020!



NYCBobby on February 4, 2020
Yo Bros, that was an awesome idea and a great video. I love the concept and that little flat plane you and your brother made worked amazingly well. Bravo!

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How time flies into 2020! (Time Airplane)