Manic Micro nnTiger Moth

by nerdnic | October 4, 2015 | (21) Posted in Projects


The Manic Micro series will feature a range of indoor flyers. First up is the nnTiger Moth. This little guy is a blast to zip around with and is perfect for a yard flyer or indoor arena. Get yours built in time for winter!

If you like this design then perhaps you’ll like some of my others as well.




WINGSPAN 16in | 406mm
FUSE 13.66in | 347mm


MOTOR - 5g NTM - hexTronik
PROP - GWS 5x3
ESC - 6a Plush
BATTERY - 300mah 2s
SERVOS - 4x 1.7g


Beginner – You’ve never flown a plane before, let alone done a scratch build
Novice – You’ve flown a plane but have no experience with scratch building
Intermediate – You’ve flown and built a few FT style planes before
Advanced – You’ve mastered the standard FT build style and are looking for a new challenge
Expert – You’ve mastered all build techniques and aren't afraid to improvise or tackle tedious builds

Intermediate – You’ve flown and built a few FT style planes before




2x BBQ skewer
1x sheets DTFB
1x sheet poster board
Push rods
Control horns
Hot glue


Is Manic Micro nnTiger Moth swappable?
Yes! I have designed a Manic Micro pod.

Will there be a build video?
Yes! See below.

How scale is this thing?
All proportions are scale except the tail feathers. They were increased by 25%.

Is the nnTiger Moth a good plane for a beginner to fly?
Yes! This thing is very light which makes it durable. Great for a beginner to nose dive with over and over.

Can I use different eletronics than what you've listed?
Yes! However, keep it light. If your build is more than 80g it will need to fly fast in order to stay up.

There is a plane I want you to design, what’s the best way to suggest it to you?
Please use the request form here on my site.


Manic Micro nnTiger Moth Plans





Thanks for checking out the Manic Micro nnTiger Moth! If you built a nnTiger Moth and enjoyed it please consider donating a few bucks so I can buy more supplies to make more great planes.





andyman723 on October 6, 2015
is there tiled plans?
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nerdnic on October 6, 2015
To print tiled plans from a normal printer:

1. Open the PDF you want to print using Adobe Reader X.
2. Click the Print icon.
3. In the Print dialog box, click Poster.
4. Set Tile Scale to 100%.
5. Set Overlap to 0.005in.
6. Click Print.
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andyman723 on October 6, 2015
thx so much cant wait to maiden!!!!!!!
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jayz 84 on October 5, 2015
Another nice design man. Definitely need to get you into some more bipes. Awsome job brother, you keep designing them and ill keep building them. Nothing but the best from you..
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nerdnic on October 6, 2015
Thanks John :-)
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rcjoseb on October 7, 2015
Nice design!
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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on October 5, 2015
Cool! Love this version of the Tiger Moth. Thank you!
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nerdnic on October 6, 2015
You got it!
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Yogenh on October 5, 2015
I gave a little to help you with the great work that you have been doing. Just keep it up and know that there are some that really love the work you have done. Thanks a lot Paul
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nerdnic on October 6, 2015
Really appreciate it, Paul!
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Croom on October 5, 2015
DUDE! I just tried to make something similar. Amazing job mate, I will try to build one soon.
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nerdnic on October 6, 2015
Let me know if you do, I'd love to see it.
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Manic Micro nnTiger Moth