Manic Micro | nnTiger Moth BUILD

by nerdnic | October 8, 2015 | (18) Posted in How To


In this build video we cover how to build the Manic Micro nnTiger Moth. I walk you through step by step and reveal all my tips and tricks to help your build go smoothly. Get ready to use that pause button!



Download your plans here!



16in | 406mm
13.66in | 347mm
AUW - 80g
MOTOR - 5g NTM - hexTronik
PROP - GWS 5x3
ESC - 6a Plush
BATTERY - 300mah 2s
SERVOS - 4x 1.7g
Beginner – You’ve never flown a plane before, let alone done a scratch build
Novice – You’ve flown a plane but have no experience with scratch building
Intermediate – You’ve flown and built a few FT style planes before
Advanced – You’ve mastered the standard FT build style and are looking for a new challenge
Expert – You’ve mastered all build techniques and aren't afraid to improvise or tackle tedious builds

Intermediate – You’ve flown and built a few FT style planes before.
2x BBQ skewer
1x sheets DTFB
1x sheet poster board
Push rods
Control horns
Hot glue


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Intro includes great footage of this Manic Micro in the air.


Index for your convenience!


This thing sure is small!


300mah 2s is the sweet spot for flight time!


Paper is strategically removed from the fuse to keep weight down and strength up.


Hooking up the servos can be a pain, see how I do it in a breeze!


Each strut is cut to the exact length required making the top wing effortless.


All square here!


It's the little details that make for the exciting presentation.


With a swappable pod you'll be able to build all the Manic Micro birds!


The completed nnTiger Moth is beautiful, great work!


If you build a Manic Micro nnTiger Moth, please make a post and share your work. I love getting to share in the experince with you. #nerdnicRC on Instagram your photos to share with others.

Thanks for checking out the Manic Micro nnTiger Moth! If you built one and enjoyed it please consider donating a few bucks so I can buy more supplies to make more great planes.


raydar on October 8, 2015
Wow, that was a build video to rival any produced by the flite test team! The scale detail you added to the center of the top wing, represents the gravity feed fuel tank found on a full scale tiger moth. Congrats again on an exceptional build and video production.
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nerdnic on October 9, 2015
Well thanks! I don't know if I even come close to the FT production quality though, but I am trying :-)
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PropSpinner on October 8, 2015
I agree, if he only had Josh Scott for comic relief!😉😛😄
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Ron DuBray on October 21, 2015
OK I just ordered all the guts needed to build and fly this plane, because I need a plane for inside and I do love Bi-planes :) Thanks for designing and posting this one Nic. looking forward for more this size.
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WhiskeyJack on October 9, 2015
Hi Nick,
Another great design! I did miss where you mounted the receiver and what are your recommendations for securing the prop? A little insight please before I order the parts.
Thanks, WJ.
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nerdnic on October 9, 2015
I have my RX stuffed in the cockpit. If you look at the release video you can see the wires poking up, I didn't do a good job hiding them :-)

For the prop I got a big bag off ebay a while back but I've added a link in the SPECS to where you can find them now.
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MOcchionero on October 11, 2015
Thank you. A very nice project for the winter. Your builder so beautiful I wouldn't want to fly it.
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nerdnic on October 12, 2015
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BoKu on October 18, 2015
I am new to the Flite Test phenomena, and am just catching up on all of the excellent shows and articles. I loved the Tiger Moth because I actually have logged about 5 hours in a (full scale) Canadian version of the Tiger Moth (there are a few slight differences between the Canadian and British designs). Anyway, I recall that on your video, you wondered about the 'bulge' on the upper wing. That 'bulge' is in fact the fuel tank! The were no fuel pumps on those early DeHavilland Gipsy 4- cylinder in-line engines, so they relied on gravity-feel for the fuel supply. Needless to say, inverted flight was a short-term maneuver! Good work on the design!
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flyer135 on October 13, 2015
don't know about you guys but I think nerdnic should build planes for flight test!

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nerdnic on October 16, 2015
Where do I send my resume!? :D
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808aerosquadron on October 11, 2015
Excellent build video for a really well designed micro.
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nerdnic on October 12, 2015
Thank you!
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aviator08 on October 12, 2015
How did you create your index for the different segments of the build?
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nerdnic on October 12, 2015
The video scenes were manually put in at the editing level. The hot links that jump around are YouTube's annotation tools.
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aviator08 on October 12, 2015
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jordy123 on December 7, 2015
love the plane, want to start mine soon. could you please make a download in pdf vector format?


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serkan on October 6, 2016
Hello. Is it possible to add rudder to this plane?
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jefflikesdrones on February 24, 2017
Do you think this could carry a micro fpv camera?
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themistocles3 on June 20, 2018
Very nice plane! Thanks! I'd love to see some more in this size range. I have to say it was a little challenging just because of the size. I ended up using smaller dia. wire and gift cards for tail control horns.
I used a DYS d1410 motor and it worked well at 3/4 throttle swinging a cheap 5030. I have a 4030 to try next. Emax ES9251s worked great. For the RX I went with the FS2A 4CH AFHDS 2A Mini. A 300mah 2s powered everything for about 4 min till the 7.4v mark. AUW was 80.44g. It was pretty warm but not too hot after. It was 94°F and sunny that day though.The plane requires minimal throw in the ailerons. I used a bit too much and nosed it in on maiden launch. The firewall came apart after the second flight. I think I'll install a hatch on the bottom for the battery and permanently install the firewall to the fuse. Overall everyone at the field loved the plane and said it flew beautifully on the second attempt. Thanks for the most excellent build vid and plans. Hope to see you at FFE this year.
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Manic Micro | nnTiger Moth BUILD