Micro Warbird Faceoff - REVIEW

by FliteTest | February 26, 2014 | (22) Posted in Reviews

Besides being extremely fun to fly, warbirds just simply look amazing! Even scaled down to an itty-bitty size. 

There are tons of micro warbirds out there to choose from, but we picked three of our favorites. 

The P-51D Mustang is a drastic improvement from past Mustang models. The micro version now features AS3X technology which makes it still feel like you're flying a big beefy plane. This new design carried much gentler control response and a wider flight envelope.

The P-38 Lightning dosen't have any gyro technology on board but this gentle twin engine carries no bad habbits. There is no differential thrust but does have a steerable nose wheel. The small brushed motors give ample power and long flight times. 

The Spitfire Mk IX also has AS3X but was the most challenging to fly. This micro is agile and maneuverable, but flown outside of its envelope it may become a challenge. 

Alex and Josh Scott would say the P-51D Mustang was their favorite of the three. 

Bixler preferred the character of the P-38 Lightning more but also said the Mustang was a close second. 

Be careful when taking off on rough surfaces! 

A word to the wise! If you are doing aerobatics indoors, make sure you have enough room!

Our visit to Pinnacle wouldn't be complete without decorating the nets before we leave. 

Weather you are flying these indoors or out, all three we extremely impressive and FUN!

We want to thank you guys for watching and supporting us! You let us do what we do and we love you for it!



- Spitfire Mk IX

- P-51D Mustang

- P-38 Lightning


Any other micros you've had success with? Let us know! Chat it up in the forums!


jimmykobler21 on February 26, 2014
i had a ultra micro spitfire, did not enjoy it. it was my first four channel aircraft. i found its stalling characteristics unusual and unforgiving. its looked however like the real thing in the air

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casehatter on February 26, 2014
I had the first P-51 it was junk so much so that if it say's Micro I say oh No..!! Good to see you guys but keep the Micro's
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Yogenh on February 26, 2014
I have the P-51 and the P38. I like them a lot they are ones the you really do need to know how to fly to have fun. Being small they do respond fast. My P-51 is the older one. But I do like them bigger.
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Yogenh on February 26, 2014
One of the good things about the micros is that I can fly them right out front of my house. I get to do a little more flying that way.
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F2G2Corsair on February 26, 2014
I'm really surprised about your opinion of the original UM P-51 and Su-26.Those were the planes I taught myself to fly with (P-51 first), and I thought they were great trainers. They weren't easy to fly by any means but boy could they take a crash and keep going, especially the Su-26. I crashed the Sukhoi into trees, cement, chain link fences, and I still have it today years after I bought it. It's pretty worn out, but still flyable. I also have the Su-26 to thank for my excellent 3D aerobatic skills, and high wind flying abilities (ever try flying an ultra micro in a wind storm?). The P-51 only lasted a few months (I flew it 5 times a day), but what I liked about it was it was very manoeuvrable, which was handy for evading the ground when it came up to hit me, and it wasn't very fast which helped too. Am I the only one that thinks a good trainer is something that challenges you and is very crash friendly? By the way I flew the P-51 and Su-26 with nothing but a Dx5e (no expo).
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aurc on February 28, 2014
Wait for warm weather to do reviews on ultra micros so that you can do them out side and not fly in circles in small indoor arenas......... Review the large planes in the winter. Other wise, good episode.
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tbeers on December 22, 2014
Real world P-38s are my all time favorite plane design, extreme engineering envy (long range, nice lines and fast). It would be Awesome to come up with a $ store foam version for FPV and cruise (some day I'll get there). Thanks for all the cool videos and inspiration.
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Micro Warbird Faceoff - REVIEW