Podcast: Josh Bixler's Approach to Aerodynamics!

by FliteTest | November 26, 2018 | (6) Posted in Podcasts

If you want to listen to the main man - Mr. Bixler - talking about aerodynamics, here's a podcast!

This week on the new season of the Flite Test podcast, James chats with Josh B all about practical aerodynamics for RC airplanes. With many years of experience designing tens of different Flite Test planes and other aircraft, Josh provides insight into what you should be thinking about when designing and flying your own models.

Podcast Highlights

0.31: Introduction

1.40: What's Josh's design process?

14.20: STEM approach to design and aerodynamics

16.57: Airflow, airspeed and artificial lift

25.00: Making your nose longer

28.08: Experimental Designs at Flite Fest

36.30: What's new with Flite Test?

Further Reading: Aerodynamics Simplified

If you're wanting to expand your knowledge of simple aerodynamics to make you a better all-around pilot, builder or designer, here's a collection of dedicated articles.  You're welcome!

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Visual References

As we talked about all manner of different flying contraptions and aerodynamic devices that not everyone might be able to picture, here are a few images to accompany the podcast:

The giant Sea Duck episode. Watch it right here.

An FT Spitfire with elyptical undercambered wings

Josh with his Nano Goblin. Watch the video of the evening of Nano Goblin flying we were talking about right here

The giant lifting body airplane mentioned. Watch the video of this project here.


The A-10 Vs. Tank episode out now! Watch this here. 

The brand new FT Radial motors, coming soon to updated power packs. 

If you enjoyed this podcast, make sure you've listened to the previous episodes in this new podcast season!


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Article by James Whomsley

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CraigPMiller on November 27, 2018
I've a complete noob but I've just stumbled into prandtl-d wing that moves the end-vortex away from the tip and eliminates adverse-yaw. They're planning to fly it on Mars. :) Great show. :)
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Podcast: Josh Bixler's Approach to Aerodynamics!