Quadcopter build - ESC installation

by eluminerRC | March 24, 2013 | (6) Posted in Projects

This is 5th video in this quadcopter build series. Here we'll finally install those customised ESC's, Turnigy Plush 30A in my case.

In this video you will see why it's a good idea to prepare ESC's before installation. Installation is now easy, quick and neat.


1. Clean any soldering paste residue after soldering. Soldering paste is corrosive and could damage solder joints and PCB board.
2. You could solder ESC wires directly to the PCB terminals. However, then you won't be able to easily disconnect them if needed, especially after you complete your build (put upper plate on with flight controler etc.). If you use connectors like I did, you can easily replace/disconnect ESC without need to desolder anything. This is very handy if you want to spin individual motors for any reason (balancing).


Using black wire for both positive and negative is NOT recommended. You could confuse them later and create some damage. Use red wire for positive instead! Only reason why I'm using black wire for both is look. This quadcopter will be black and white and red wires are not an option for me. As long as you understand the risks involved, you can do the same. Just be very very careful while connecting ESC so that you connect them correctly (positive to positive and negative to negative).

You will need:

ESC's that we've customised in last video

SK450 frame that we've build in 2nd video

3.5 mm female bullet connectors

14 AWG wire

5.0 mm black heat shrink (shrink tube)

Soldering paste

Soldering iron (30W)

Solder (60/40)

Third/helping hand tool

Precision knife

Wire cutters, lighter and pliers...


Enjoy RC as much as I do! :)


Cyberdactyl on April 4, 2013
Another masterfully done video. Once you're complete with your quad, you'll have something that will be linked all over the multi-rotor community for its concise, clear and artful approach. :)

One thing I would suggest to those soldering bullet connectors is to use a wood block. Drill a hole slightly. . .very slightly. . . larger than the connector, and about 80% as deep as the connector is long. Stick the connector in the hole and heat the connector in the hole and solder the wire as you would 'normally'. The wood serves as a great holder, but most importantly, insulates against heat dissipation you get from clamping with alligator clips. Metal clips are a great heat sink and extend the time it takes the solder to reach a thorough and complete temp throughout the connector, reducing the possibility of a cold connection.
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eluminerRC on April 5, 2013
Thank you man!
And thanks for a great tip. I'll definitely try this in the future. Makes sense. ;)
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Microguy on April 4, 2013
Been waiting for this. Even though Im not building an quadrotor, this is entertaining. :) Nice series.
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Quadcopter build - ESC installation