Quadcopter build - Soldering connector

by eluminerRC | March 23, 2013 | (5) Posted in Projects

This is the first video in the series of quadcopter build videos where I will show you how to build a quadcopter. Stay tuned to see what you need, where to buy and how to assemble your first quadcopter. Above that, I will show you tips and tricks on how to customise and personalise your RC multicopter.

In this video you will see how to solder Deans connector on SK450 Lower PCB Frame which is the first step. Watch carefully to pick up some tricks in soldering so you won't have any problems with it in the future.


1. Clean any soldering paste residue after soldering. Soldering paste is corrosive and could damage solder joints and PCB board.

2. While soldering, keep male and female connectors connected together. That way you will increase heat dissipation so it will be much harder to melt the connector. Other advantage of soldering connector while it's plugged in is that, even if you exceed temperature on connector and melt the plastic a little bit, terminals on connector will stay aligned properly. Therefor, you will be able to plug them later.

3. Use a peace of foam or something similar to protect the wires from crocodile clips. Silicon wires are very soft and sharp clips will damage the insulation very easily. In some rare cases you could damage the wire enough to cause short circuit and a lot of damage (crash).


Using black wire for both positive and negative is NOT recommended. You could confuse them later and create some damage. Use red wire for positive instead! Only reason why I'm using black wire for both is look. This quadcopter will be black and white and red wires are not an option for me. As long as you understand the risks involved, you can do the same.

You will need:

SK450 Lower PCB Frame

T-Plug (Deans)

T-Plug Caps (optional)

12 AWG Silicon Wire (Black)

4.5mm to 6.0mm Heatshrink (Shrink Tube)

Soldering Paste

Soldering Iron (30W)

Any 30W (or similar) soldering iron.

Solder (60/40)

Third/helping hand tool

Precision Knife

Lighter and pliers...


Enjoy RC as much as I do! :)


ddrueding on March 26, 2013
Great production quality! Well done!
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eluminerRC on March 26, 2013
Thanks man! It means a lot to me.
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Quadcopter build - Soldering connector