Quadcopter build - KK2.0 initial setup

by eluminerRC | June 4, 2013 | (19 Ratings) Posted in Projects

This is 10th video in this video series and it's about preparing your quad for good and safe first flight.

Setup is mainly related to KK2.0 board and it's settings but also to some other steps.


Whenever you are working on a multi-rotor remove your props for safety! Although they look like toys, multi-rotors are very dangerous. If the prop hits you or anybody else it can cause serious injuries.

In first 9 videos (and 4 how-to's) we've almost build this quad. However, setting it up is even more important. If you follow these 11 steps you should have enjoyable first flight. However, certain settings as PI values cannot be set before flight. So, on maiden flight you will have to tune your quad for best performance. Settings shown in the video are great for start with, however, quad will perform sluggish and feel a bit disconnected as they are a bit low. You will have to bump PI values up, but I'll talk more about this in future videos.

STEP 1 (00:31):
To make sure nothing is left behind, reset the KK2.0 to it's factory settings.

STEP 2 (00:46):
Perform ACC calibration. This step is crucial because it tells the board what is level. Make sure the quad is on a flat and level surface when doing this. If not, board will think that this is level and it will make the quad drift once in the air. Also, don't touch the quad during this process.

STEP 3 (1:09):
In "Mode settings" put self-level feature on AUX. That way you will be able to control self-level function in the air using a switch on 5th channel. Also, on maiden flight, make sure that self-level is off. This feature must be tuned properly before using it and it could make things more complicated than necessary on your first flight. Also, check that roll and pitch axis are linked (they are by default).

STEP 4 (1:27):
In "Misc. settings" make sure height dampening function is on 0. This is cool feature, but it should be used after the quad is fully tuned. Most people refer to it as a "poor mans altitude hold" :). Also, it's more useful for beginner pilots than it is for experienced ones. Basically, this feature tries to maintain altitude when the aircraft is pitching forward by regulating throttle. Experienced pilots do this automatically so thats why it's more suited for beginners than it is for advanced pilots.
Also, if you have voltage alarm set up here you can set the voltage at which the board will start beeping. For 3S batteries 10.5V is OK (3.5V/cell).

STEP 5 (1:49):
Load QuadroCopter x-mode motor layout. Since this quad is build in X configuration, this is what you must use. Of course, if you have + or any other configuration you should load them in this step. Also, if you want to check current layout, you can do this by going into "Show motor layout" menu where you can see motor layout and motor direction.

STEP 6 (2:09):
Under receiver test you will perform most critical step. Make sure your controls are in right order. So, when you move aileron stick, the same should be happening on the board. Also, check the direction of all channels. If you move aileron to the left, board should do the same. If you have wrong channel order, you can change this in you mixer editor on the transmitter or you can change the leads order on your receiver or on the board itself. If the channel order is correct, but the directions of a channel is wrong, simply reverse/invert this channel on the transmitter.
Also, use your sub-trim function (or if you don't have one, then your main trims) to adjust main four channels to 0. That way when the stick is in the neutral position, the board will receiver exactly that.

STEP 7 (3:04):
Adjust PI values as I've shown in the video. These are recommended by KapteinKuk as best for start with. In my experience, these are a little bit low for this quad and they will have to be increased when tuning.

STEP 8 (3:55):
Set P values for self-level feature as shown in the video.

STEP 9 (4:10):
Perform ESC throttle calibration. KK2.0 makes this step really easy because you can do throttle calibration for all four ESC's at once. If all of your motors start at the same time, throttle calibration step is completed.

STEP 10 (4:50):
Motors should spin as shown in the video. If not, switch any to motor wires to reverse the motors rotation.

STEP 11 (5:22):
Apply 50% throttle and rock the quad. The motor that you push down should speed up because it tries to compensate your movement.

You need:

Transmitter, quad and a battery.


Enjoy RC as much as I do! :)


RoyBro on June 4, 2013
I like the video style of your tutorials. And this article comes at just the right time for me as I'm ready to set up my KK2.0 board.

Thanks Much.
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eluminerRC on June 4, 2013
I'm very happy that I could help!

Stay tuned!
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apache64 on June 4, 2013
I am always interested in your video's and am especially waiting for your tuning guide, as the auto level on my quad is always out, despite making sure it is flat and parallel to the frame. So keep these videos coming as i will use them as a good reference source, thanks.
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eluminerRC on June 4, 2013
Thanks! I always like your comments! Thank you for your great support! :) I'll make the guides as soon as possible. In the meantime, check dhdsracer's video about self-level tuning. It's very good!
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StoneBlueAirlines on June 10, 2013
Great stuff. Would love to know how you did your custom logo on the radio. Care to share would love to do that same.
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eluminerRC on June 11, 2013
Thanks! Maybe I'll do video about it in the future. In the mean time, first thing you have to do is create 128x64 monochromatic picture of your logo. Then, when you are flashing er9x firmware on to your radio, you can chose to upload this picture instead of default logo. There are a few video about it on YouTube.
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StoneBlueAirlines on June 11, 2013
I have my 9xr all set up on er9x so i should be able to back it all up and then install the cover photo. Its cool I like the look of it so will look for it online and give it a go.

I just want to back up my controls because i have 5 aircraft now set up so don't want to loose them.
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woolley on June 11, 2013
Very helpful video. One question: In the receiver test section, are the two windows of the video out of sync? Throttle and Aileron seem ok, but when you move elevator forward the KK2 says "back", and rudder, stick left shows "right" on KK2.
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eluminerRC on June 11, 2013
No, they are synced OK. The thing is that this is actually what was happening. To me, everything was on right channel, but ELE and RUD where inverted. Because of that I've later inverted 2nd (ELE) and 4th (RUD) channel on the transmitter in the video (2:49). So that people can see what to do if you have some channel wrong way (and you usually will).
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woolley on June 11, 2013
Ok, I see now. I had never watched the video straight through. I would pause and set mine up like yours, come back later and start again....never made the connection. And, yes, mine were correct (until I changed them to match the video.....)...
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eluminerRC on June 11, 2013
Yeah, well, it won't always be the same as mine and some people might use other tx/rx combo. But if you get how this works, you'll be able to do it with any system.
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Axbri on June 23, 2013
This is probably one of the best instruction video on how to setup the KK2.0 board. Keep up the good work!
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eluminerRC on June 24, 2013
Thanks! Next video will be up soon.
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vjacheslav.tsygankov on June 22, 2013
Amazing job!!! Finally I`m about to build my quad. Now it will be easy with your "video manual" . Thanks
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eluminerRC on June 24, 2013
Thanks you for your support!
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Ragena on January 14, 2014
What should I do if one of my gyro sensors has a NOT OK status when I perform a factory reset?
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eluminerRC on January 14, 2014
First, try everything again from the start. If that doesn't work, try to flash new firmware. If that doesn't help either, you might have faulty sensor.
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Ragena on January 18, 2014
Looks like it's a faulty sensor, then. Thank you for your help.
Any idea on the gyros they use? I'd like to replace it.
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eluminerRC on January 20, 2014
I would just like to check if you know you shouldn't move the board while it's calibrating.
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ally on April 21, 2014
Would the QC fram affect the settings? I have a 330mm frame.
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eluminerRC on April 22, 2014
Not these initial settings. You can start with these even on 330 frame. But final settings will probably vary after you go through entire tuning process. Check my "KK2.0 tuning guide" video for more info.
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philskot on February 12, 2015
Thanks heaps for making this video! It helped a lot! Any tips for how to go about tuning the board?
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eluminerRC on February 15, 2015
Hi! Yes, of course. Check out my "KK2.0 tuning guide" article/video.

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philskot on February 15, 2015
Apparently I did not search as thoroughly as I had thought! Thanks :)
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3235emmons on June 28, 2015
This series of articles is the best,easyest to understand. I think whoever follows the instructions given by this author can't make a mistake. I only can say: chapeau!

Regards Erwin
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eluminerRC on June 28, 2015
Thank you! :)
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Elgaaenj on August 4, 2015
Please help. I did the steps exactly the way I was told 3 times. When I calabrate my motors I hold down buttons 1 and 4 and plug it in with full throttle up. When it beeps 2 times I pull the throttle down then it beeps 3 times then 1 long beep. Then I let off the buttons and the motors won't turn
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rgbskills on May 23, 2017
Hello, Thank you for the awesome video. I was hopping you can help me out with my problem.. I have adjusted the setting exactly as you have shown in the video, but when I take off the quad doesn't go straight up in the air instead it goes slightly up and to the left, can you tell me what I am doing wrong? (This is my first quad build) . Thank you in advance. :)
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