Mirage 5 Dagger EDF - Scratchbuild -

by AeroErgo | August 29, 2019 | (2) Posted in Projects

Hi guys/gals!

This time i want to show you my last project, a Mirage 5 Dagger, the Argentinian version of the Israeli Mirage 5 , called originally "Nesher" by IAI and "Dagger" in Argentina. This plane was a request by a friend who wanted a EDF small but good looking. The challenge was make it lightweight because the wing loading in delta planes is high usually high. The electronics for the project was a 64mm EDF, a 40A ESC, two good 9grs servos and 3S 1300Mah 75c Battery.

This project started... like always, drawing the profile scale 1:1 of the model.  The wing is slightly bigger, because the wing load in a delta wing plane is high and could make the flight too nervous.

... and like other planes i made, a cross reinforcement of plywood, the "A"  shape back bone of the airframe. and mount the EDF just where i think it goes well.

I should make the wing with some negative dihedral  angle, but for simplicity reasons i keep it straight.  Installed the servos and the jet outlet. Cutting the elevons and setting hinges. 

The wing ribs and reinforcements, and the nose section also.  The tail section is ready to mount ...

Now i getting a fighter look...

Covering the sides with the shaped-by-heat  foamboard

Here is the "cheat hole" for extra air... just a little more and will be finished.

Here with a mockup cockpit, almost finish.

Some details with the black pen...., the tanks and the ventral fin on  place.

Let´s see some specs:

Racestar 64mm EDF 4500kv

Flywing 40A ESC

TowerPro 9grs servos 

Tattu 3S 1300Mah 75c Battery. 

Lenght: 880mm

Wingspan:620 mm

MTOW: 550grs (with fuel tanks)

Now time to make the maiden flight!, a day with a terrible high wind, hard to control... but in the end was allways like that:

And of course after see it fcan fly, the paint job, Malvinas 1982 Argentinian Air Force scheme.

Yes, the pitot tube it´s a internal tank of a pen, here it becomes perfect for the job and the lower part of the fuel tanks are reinforced with PET Plastic because this plane will be a "belly lander".

Now is time for the official presentation, now with full paint job and added drag with the fuel tanks:

I hope you like it, was a hard plane to fly, but the adrenaline burst worth it!

See you soon in a new project, a C-27J Spartan ! 


Yogenh on June 3, 2020
I would like to know if the prints for this will be available?? I really like it a lot.
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AeroErgo on June 11, 2020
Oh sorry this was the only one i made, and i don´t use plans, just few draws from where i made the pattern for few pieces, the rest i just made it as its goes - broken english ON -
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Firecapt203 on June 10, 2020
Me too
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AeroErgo on June 11, 2020
Sorry, no plans ´because the reason i wrote above. But you can start using a three view picture, and adjust the size according to your EDF diameter. It´s how i made it.
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Samantha123 on June 26, 2020

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Samantha123 on June 26, 2020

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Mirage 5 Dagger EDF - Scratchbuild -