by FliteTest | November 19, 2013 | (17) Posted in Reviews

No. Bixler didn't become giant. The E-Flite UMX Habu just got smaller!

Despite the recommended 600 square foot flying space, 120 square foot will do just fine for us. 

The front steerable nose wheel makes this plane extremely easy to taxi. 

28mm EDF unit with BL180m, 11750Kv motor

Small but mighty, the UMX Habu fairs well with rolls and inverted flying.

Beware! This kit does NOT come with any batteries or chargers. This fact induces SWED RAGE! 

Post show antics make foam planes sad. 

Even in the midst of a horrific plane vs. face incident, Alex still manages to Vine like a pro. 

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casehatter on November 20, 2013
I would like to see Horizon get away from all the mini's and more resources to new EPO-EP planes and venture more into the plane FPV and other results these things are just to expensive for what they are. This seems to be for profit instead of customer satisfaction.
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Driveandairsmash on November 20, 2013
Awesome lol I want to get one of these things now! Maybe when I get a DX6i though :l
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catch221977 on November 20, 2013
Great video. My nano QX must have really made an impression on you guys. Glad you guys are having fun with yours.
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Ben Presten on November 20, 2013
There is a hobbyking pulse jet in that pile of treats behind them!
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tramsgar on November 21, 2013
Thanks, I always love your reviews. Back in the day you gave some more focus to the details of the model though, I often miss that.
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andy_spoo on November 22, 2013
Total rip-off for 4 mins of flight. You'll just start to get used to it, they you'll have to charge it again. Oh joy.
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sailorJohn on November 24, 2013
Ok, so I wouldn't buy one but seeing the development of EDF's has been astonishing ,from not taking off from tarmac to ripping off short grass and tearing up the sky. If you screw it up you better be a brain surgeon cause everything is delicate and tiny.

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